Pantone Fall 2018 - Quetzal Green, Crocus Petal and Meerkat

I am on my last Pantone Fall 2018 post. I hope you have enjoyed seeing these colors and the way I have managed to put outfits together using the inspiration from the 2018 Fall palette. As in anything where fashion is concerned we can take it our leave it. Fashion is for you. It is about putting together outfits and colors that you like, make you feel confident and that you will enjoy wearing. In some ways what we wear is like our second skin. It provides a covering for a bodies and how we put that cover together can boost our self-image and help us better manage our wardrobes and our pocket books.

I have found, in the fashion realm, just like in cooking, having a source of inspiration really helps. Whether you follow a recipe or cook from memories of you and your mom or grandmother working together to make wonderful creations in the kitchen, you use that inspiration to put food on your table. In the same way inspiration for fashion can come from magazines, bloggers, color palettes or even things out in nature. That is the reason I always like to use the Pantone color palettes as a spring board for creating fun and interesting outfits.

Pantone Fall 2018 - Quetzal Green, Crocus Petal and Meerkat

These last two colors, Quetzal Green and Crocus Petal, I decided to pair, once again, with Meerkat. Crocus Petal is a lighter, more spring like color found on the London palette. I feel that pairing it with Quetzal Green and Meerkat was the perfect way to keep the light color grounded and more fall like.

Pantone Fall 2018 - Quetzal Green, Crocus Petal and Meerkat

This top is a Kohl’s clearance find and is Dana Buchman brand. It is a button up with 3/4 length sleeves and a longer silhouette. It has some stretch and is more fitted. I opted to wear this bead and metal statement necklace, which incorporates the Crocus Petal color as well. I wore a simple gold cuff on my arm.

I found the open weave sweater thrifting, I love the variations in the knit. I am not a yarn girl, though I would love to be. I think this is crocheted, but it might be knit. Can any of you readers tell? Whatever it is I love the different stitch sizes and open versus more closed aspect to the piece. Here we are talking about texture again and how essential is is to making an outfit more interesting.

Pantone Fall 2018 - Quetzal Green, Crocus Petal and Meerkat

I thought these two colors when great with the browns, black and cream of my leopard print pencil skirt. This skirt is another JC Penney find and is Worthington brand.

The boots, Aerosoles and bag, both thrifted were the perfect accessories to pair with this outfit. I think black would have worked well or even a cream colored boot, which are trending right now, but I love the luxe feel of the Meerkat color.

Pantone Fall 2018 - Quetzal Green, Crocus Petal and Meerkat
Pantone Fall 2018 - Quetzal Green, Crocus Petal and Meerkat

Next week I’ll have a recap of all the Pantone Fall 2018 colors. I hope you’ve enjoyed this series and that it provided you with some inspiration for trying new color combinations. Always shop your closet before going out to purchase what is currently trending. You might already have a leopard print top or the perfect color piece that matches with one of the Pantone seasonal colors.

Pantone Fall 2018 - Quetzal Green, Crocus Petal and Meerkat

I’ve included a few shopping links. These are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Have a great day.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.

Beautiful Blogger Bests - Thinking Fall with a Cable Knit Sweater Vest

This week I am featuring a beautiful blogger from down south. Tania Stephens was born in Tennessee and currently lives with her hubby in Southwest Virginia. Tania is a fireball. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She works at a lumber yard, is an active member in her women's club, has deep faith, and has an enormous following for her blog, 50 is Not Old, which she started in 2015. It is easy to see why Tania is so popular. She is a real, actual woman and she tells the best stories. She has a classic style and loves jewelry and handbags! Who doesn't? Ha, ha. You can read more about Tania on her About page. 

The look I was inspired by just shouted fall to me. As the weather starts to get chilly we can break out our cozy sweaters and reach for our jackets. This post was from September 26, 2016 and is titled, Cable Knit Sweater VestYou can see Tania's original post by clicking on the link or by clicking on the picture. 

I love simplicity and that is what this outfit says to me. What is more comfortable and simplistic than a pair of jeans, long sleeve button up and a cozy vest? Add a great pair of boots, a colorful bag and some fun jewelry and you are ready to go. I love how Tania's vest, boots and jewelry all tended toward a more neutral color against the dark wash of her jeans. Her white blouse and bright blue bag make the outfit shine. 

Here is my version.

Beautiful blogger bests - fall sweater vest outfit
Beautiful blogger bests - cable knit sweater vest

You can see here my sweater vest is orange, so I have a bit more color. I also tucked my jeans into my boots, where as Tania rolled hers up. A different style of boot calls for a little different handling of the individual pieces. 

Beautiful blogger bests - cable knit sweater vest

Since I wore orange, I decided to accessorize with orange jewelry too. This is the only white button up I own and while I like the casual style of the blue chambray stripe, I think I need a plain white one. I probably should have tucked it in as well. I was feeling rather sloppy! Ha, ha.

beautiful blogger bests - cable knit sweater vest

Here you can get a better look at my boots and my green thrifted bag. I thought green would be the perfect pop of color against the dark wash jeans and the orange sweater and accessories. 

Beautiful blogger bests - cable knit sweater vest

As always, I am thankful for the many other bloggers that continue to inspire and motivate me dress in a style that is all my own, but that can learn from others. Be sure to stop by Tania's blog and give her some love.

Have a great weekend. If you follow my faith blog, be sure to check back tomorrow for my Mulling it Over post on Ephesians 6:16. 

I appreciate each one of you and all the support you give me. If you have a chance leave me a comment. I'd love to hear from you. 

Photo credit (mine) Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

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