Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket

The final piece in my Denim Daze series is a denim jacket. I have several denim jackets, all of which I love. For as long as I can remember I have liked denim jackets. Just like moto jackets, to me they seem cool and tough, but done up the right way they can be feminine and flirty. I own a simple jacket that has no embellishments in a light wash. I also have a cropped one in a medium wash that I have styled on the blog many times. A few others include a white, a light wash with white eyelet stripes and an orange one. This week I am featuring a newer one I acquired from Christopher and Banks. The characteristic that drew me to this one, was the embroidered detail.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - Casual

I wanted this outfit to be casual, but still clean and fresh. These pinstriped light weight ankle pants are thrifted and Gloria Vanderbilt brand. They have become a go to summer option in my closet, when I want a little more coverage, but not the heavy weight of regular denim.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - casual

I thought this floral tee went perfectly with the colors in the embroidery of the jacket. This tee was a recent purchase and has longer short sleeves and a medium weight. I love the cute pic on the front. If I had the time, and was more disciplined I would love to have more of a garden, a bit like an English garden with loads of different kinds of flowers that have some sort of uniform messiness to them.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - Casual

Here is an up close of the embroidered detail. I can see wearing this into the fall with colors like rust, and maroon.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - Casual

In keeping with the blue theme of my outfit, I opted for blue accessories. This cute cross body bag was gifted to my by my younger daughter for Christmas. I love the gold zippers and fringe detail.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - Casual

Since I was on a floral kick I pulled out my floral SO flats. If you follow me regularly you know I love these flats and have them in four different colors. They are comfy and easy to get on and off.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - Casual

I also wore a simple heart necklace with a pink stone. This was the perfect finishing touch.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - Casual

Do you like to wear denim jackets? How do you like to style yours? What sort of washes do you have denim jackets in? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment or two below.

Denim Daze 2.0 - Denim Jacket - Casual

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

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Denim Daze 2.0 - Vest - Casual

During the summer of my first year blogging, I did a series called Denim Daze. During this series, I featured different denim pieces and showed you how I styled them both in a casual way and a dressy way. I’ve decided to reboot this series using different denim pieces and giving each outfit a full post, so one day for the casual look and one day for the dressy look. You can see the original Denim Daze posts by clicking on the following links: Intro, Bermuda Shorts, Chambray Shirt, Knee Length Skirt, Flared Jeans, and the Denim Jacket.

For this series I am starting with a denim vest. You have seen this Christopher and Banks denim vest on the blog before, with a maxi skirt, a pair of olive crop pants, in a Pantone outfit, and in a holiday outfit. It is one I return to again and again.

Denim vest - casual

I thought it would be fun to give you the rationale behind each of the pieces I have chosen for this series, and why I styled them the way I did. This vest has several characteristics that I love.

1 - The color. I love denim in all washes, but for a vest, jacket or top, I often go for a medium wash. I’ve seen denim vests in light, medium and dark washes, but for me the medium wash seems to be easier to style with a lot of different options as far as colors, textures and patterns.

2 - The fit. I have a variety of vests. Many of them are knit with cascading fronts, or puffy for when the weather cools down. For a denim vest I like a more fitted profile. This one is pieced together with panels, rather than being one whole piece in the back or sides. These seams and the panels give a more fitted silhouette.

3 - The bling. What takes this simple denim vest up a notch is the bling. The sparkly studs on the yoke are the perfect compliment and make it quite simple to dress this cutie up or down.

Denim vest - casual

The next piece I chose for this outfit was the thrifted floral tee. I knew I wanted to jazz up the outfit with a print and with some color. There is a little bit of blue in the top that matches the denim blue of the vest perfectly. I just love the cohesiveness of at least something matching in an outfit.

Once I picked out the top, I immediately thought of these jeans, which I have worn on the blog before as well. These thrifted Gloria Vanderbilt jeans are fun with their bright pinky red vibe and of course, the polka dots. They also match the shirt.

The tee, honestly, became the driving force in picking out the rest of this bright, casual outfit. I had blue and pinky red, the last color I wanted to accent was the green, thus the jewelry and the bag.

Denim vest - casual
Denim vest - casual
Denim vest - casual

If you have a hard time putting outfits together, it is often easier to pick a piece with a few different colors in it and then use those to guide you to your next pieces. You can use a floral top like I did, a printed scarf or even a bag with multiple colors. Once you choose that piece, then find a skirt or pair of pants that comes in one of the other others, then a top or scarf, etc. Even your jewelry can be part of the color combination. When you are done, you will have an outfit that is cohesive and looks fantastic. For those of you who like to follow a recipe when you cook this method of picking out an outfit will work especially well for you.

For shoes, I am sure you could have guessed, I chose my blue SO flats.

Denim vest - casual
Denim vest - casual

I like the bright, happy look of this outfit and I think it would be perfect for lunch or shopping with your girlfriends, or for me a casual date night with my husband. I would even wear an outfit like this to work.

What do you think of this outfit? Do you own a denim vest? Do you ever wear it? If not, why not? I hope this provided a bit of inspiration for taking that denim vest out and putting it to work for you. Be sure to check back on Thursday for the dressed up version of this sparkly vest.

I’ve included a few shopping links. These are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull. Make up Rachel Christensen.

Old Becomes New (or Not)

Have you ever bought something only to hang it in your closet where it seems to disappear? Not that it really goes any where, but you just never reach for it. Or, if you are a clothes horse like me, things have a tendency to actually disappear in between other clothes, in a pile on a shelf or the floor. This is one of the problems with having too many clothes. However, this is not a post about how to declutter, though that may be a good idea for a future date. 

I wanted to start this monthly column to force myself to reach for those items that I've had for a while, but haven't really given much thought as to how to style them. I know many people are very organized. Their closets are pristine and when they go shopping they know exactly what they want to get and how they are going to style that piece with something else. I really wish I was more that way, but frankly, I am not. I love to shop and I love to have lots of choices. Believe me when I say, I am much better than I used to be. In fact I have been trying to cut back even more, so that I am able to put money towards other things we will need, like a new car.

I have a little four door Saturn, a company that does not exist any more, but one that manufactured reliable, simple cars. Mine is a 2002 and it still starts right up, even on the coldest days. I'm going to miss that little beast, but it rattles and shakes and makes lots of noise, so we know the day is coming that it will have to be replaced. 

I would also like to use this column to help me weed out my closet. I thought of styling a piece two or three different ways over the course of a couple months. If at the end of that time, I haven't felt the piece lived up to my original expectations I will get rid of it. 

This week, I looked at my many jackets, blazers and other such pieces and decided to build an outfit using this suit wear jacket. Longer than a regular blazer this light weight piece is rather dull. The reason I bought it at a thrift store is that I thought it would be a versatile piece. I have worn it once or twice to work, but other than that don't often reach for it. 

Old becomes new column - suit jacket

For this look, I decided to pair the jacket with white, off white and blush. The jacket is a brand called Braetan. This brand currently is known for their coats and outerwear. The one I'm wearing is more of a suit coat without a lining. It is very light weight, so a good choice for a transitional spring outfit. The jacket is plaid, though at a distance it is hard to see and depending on the lighting, it looks taupe, brown, gray or olive. 

Old becomes new - suit jacket

I am wearing my Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. I love this pair of white jeans as they are a thicker material and not see through. Here is a pair at JC Penney.

Old become new - suit jacket

This top, I bought a few years back at Kohl's. I love the cute Bambi print. Lauren Conrad did a whole line of Disney themed pieces, which were very cute and whimsical. While she doesn't have the Disney line at Kohl's anymore, here is another cute top. 

Old becomes new - suit jacket

For my accessories, I chose this cute little pink clutch, a recent clearance find at Kohl's and my fun beaded necklace with blush and gray. I added my blush SO flats, but didn't take a picture, since you have seen them so many times before. Ha, ha .

Old becomes new - suit jacket

My first impressions of this piece are not favorable. I feel that the jacket is too boxy. I am going to style this piece again next month in this Old Becomes New column and we'll see if it gets to remain in my closet, or gets the boot. 

What do you think so far? is this a piece you would wear? How would you style a jacket like this? Let me know in the comments. I love to hear from you. 

Here are a few Braetan brand coats from Kohl's that would be perfect for spring. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own. 

A Fun Casual Valentine's Look

I am going to take a break from my series on Working Undercover, to post a couple of Valentine's looks this week and next. After that I am going to start the Pantone Spring 2018 series. Don't worry, I will get back to more posts on hiding our "flaws" at a later date.  

Today's outfit revolves around a summer dress by Vera Wang. I got this fun watercolor print from Kohl's a few summer's ago and thought my Florida trip in December would be the perfect place to wear it. Unfortunately, the temps were not conducive to wearing it as a dress, so I chose to style it as a longer tunic over a pair of skinny jeans.  Take a look. 

Casual valentine's outfit - Florida

I added a light pink tee to wear underneath for extra warmth. It was the perfect combination and went with the light pink in the dress. In addition I threw on the SO flats. I am not as much a sandal type of girl due to my vein issues (yes varicose veins can cover the feet too). So I like to wear ballet flats or sneakers in the warmer months. 

Casual valentine's outfit - Florida

I have been intrigued by Vera Wang's Simply Vera, line of clothing at Kohl's since I first became acquainted with it a number of years ago. I love that she chooses patterns and colors that are out of the ordinary. I am not a big fan of everything she puts out on the run way, but she does have many cute pieces that are available to the average shopper. Many of her pieces have unique and interesting details. The prices aren't too bad and even better when you can score something off the clearance rack. 

I added the distressed cropped jean jacket as another layer. I kid you not, it was only about 50 degrees. so I not only added the cropped jean jacket, but before we left to go play mini golf, I also added a wind breaker. Ha. ha. 

Here are a few silly pictures of me being cold. 

In addition to the jean jacket I decided to wear the dress over my Rock and Republic jeans. 

I think this outfit would work well for a casual Valentine's date. The dress is flirty and feminine, but I made it my own, by adding the edginess of denim. I also wore minimal jewelry to let the dress take center stage. 

What do you think of this outfit? Would you wear something like this? Do you like Vera Wang's line of fashion? I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts. 

A Casual Valentine's Outfit - Florida

I hope you enjoyed today's post. Check back on Thursday for the start of a new monthly column. I think you will enjoy it. 

Below are a few links to a few other Vera Wang pieces. This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link, I get a few cents. If you purchase something through a link in my post, I might get a little commission. As usual all opinions are my own. 

Have a great day!

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.

Photo credit Rebecca Trumbull.

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