Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Summer Fig and Bluestone

You’ll remember from the New York Pantone series the color Bluestone. This is one of only two colors that showed up on both palettes. I’m not sure how the Pantone Color Institute comes up with the colors they choose. Is there a committee? If so who is on the committee? How do they come up with the names for each of the colors? Yes, these are the things a fashion blogger wonders when she is tired and needing a burst of writing motivation. Ha, ha. I am speaking the truth when I say, I had to look up what a fig looked like to understand where they came up with this red color. This red coincides with the bright red interior of the fig fruit. I have never eaten a fig, have you?

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Summer Fig and Bluestone

This bright red tee is SO brand from Kohl’s. It is a few years old. I find Kohl’s and JCPenney my go to’s for things like short and long sleeve tees.

The Bluestone vest is a LuLaRoe piece. This particular style is called Joy. I like that some clothing companies name each of their styles. Not that I will remember what they are called, but I just think it adds another dimension to a retailer, that they have taken the time and effort to specify a certain line has a name. This is the only vest I have that is this length and I like how it looks in this outfit. The fabric has plenty of stretch, but doesn’t lose its shape.

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Summer Fig and Bluestone

Once again, I turned to the classic color of Olive Green for my pants, bag, and belt. Olive just seems to be an easy color to pair other colors with and it grounds an outfit and keeps it looking chic with a bit of an edge. These utility pants are Gloria Vanderbilt brand and I’ve styled them before on the blog. You can see them styled with an olive utility vest here and in a flat lay with a snakeskin jacket here. I got the tote bag from Charming Charlie a couple years before they went out of business. Belts are so expensive, I usually try to pick them up at thrift stores.

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Summer Fig and Bluestone
Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Summer Fig and Bluestone

I kept the jewelry simple with a gold pendant necklace and a gold bracelet.

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Summer Fig and Bluestone

This old pair of Sonoma ankle boots has been with me for a while, but they are the perfect neutral finishing touch and the suede texture is just right for a fall outfit.

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Summer Fig and Bluestone

What do you think of these colors? They are very similar to the New York palette using Bluestone and Chili Pepper. Do you like to wear vests? Do you have a long one like this? What are some other ways you could style a long vest? I’d love to have your feedback.

Pantone - Autumn/Winter - 2019 - Summer Fig and Bluestone

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Photo and graphic credit Rebecca Trumbull.

Spring Trends (Already?)

I know, I know, why am I already talking about spring trends, when we are about to be blasted by arctic air and winter doesn’t officially end for another two months? Some of it has to do with the fashion industry and the fact that they are simply very pushy. Ha, ha. They want us to already be thinking about, blogging about and buying for the next season. I don’t really buy into that so much, but I do think it is nice to think about warmer weather and being able to go outside without freezing our patooties off.



When I begin to research the upcoming trends for each season, I simply Google Spring 2019 and all sorts of links pop up. The fashion news industry is on top of its game and you can find dozens of articles on this year’s trends. As always, I pick and choose which trends I want to participate in and I try not to “buy” into a trend, unless it is one I know I will be wearing for a very long time. I will invest in a piece or pieces for something I feel comfortable in and that I feel will work well for many seasons to come. For example, leopard print. This animal print has been around for a long time and even though animal print in general made a come back last fall and into this spring, leopard is just one of those that I feel every woman can wear and pairs well with just about any color.

The following is a partial list of the 2019 spring trends, with a few examples. This list is not exhaustive, rather are the ones that I liked from the websites I looked at.

1- Beige or Neutral Head to Toe

Since I am a woman who really likes color, I am not thinking this trend will be my favorite, but I wanted to have an open mind. Shopping my closet, I found a few pieces that might work, so you will see an outfit, designed by me, that mimics this trend, coming soon.

2 - Neons and Pastels

Almost to the opposite extreme of head to toe beige we have neons and pastels abundant on the color scene. You’ll see more on color when I do my Pantone Spring 2019 series in a few weeks, but for now, neon yellow, green, pink and more will add a pop of color to any outfit. In addition, if neon is not in your comfort zone, then pastels are back in full force. Look for soft greens, light purples and calming blues. Tie Dye is also back, so if you still have that tie dye shirt from the sixties or seventies pull it out. It’s back in style! If you don’t have anything tie dye, it’s a great project to do with your kids or grandkids.

3 - Utility Dressing

Jumpsuits are coming back in force and especially those that look like worker outfits. Zippers, pockets and similar embellishments have turned the ordinary into the extraordinary. If you don’t like the inconvenience of a jumpsuit, try pairing a utility jacket with a similarly colored pair of jeans or cargo pants. It’s like wearing a jumpsuit without the struggle when you have to use the restroom.

4 - Crafted Pieces

Crafted pieces are coming back around. Think about the sweaters and shawls many of our mothers and grandmothers used to knit and crochet. These are becoming popular again and include things like macrame, weaving, and fish net. If you go out in your garage, you might be able to find something that could serve as trendy attire. Ha, ha. Honestly, though, I like crafted pieces, especially light weight knits that can serve as over pieces in the spring, summer, and fall.

5 - Black & White Polka Dots

Polka dots are back and in the classic color combination of black and white. I like polka dots in any color, but pairing black and white makes for a print that can be work friendly and easily transitioned to a casual or dressy date night look. I compare polka dots to animal print or camouflage. It is a print that can be worn in many ways and with many other colors. Adding one piece like this to your wardrobe will give you new options for creating fun classy outfits.

7 - Scarf Prints

Print mixing is bigger and bolder than ever. An easy way to do this is buy a piece that already has the print mixing done for you. Scarf print pieces are the perfect way to mix prints and take the guess work out of it. Scarf prints are also a classy way to jazz up an outfit, whether pairing with a pair of jeans for a casual date night look, or a skirt for the office.

These are just a few of the Spring 2019 Trends that you will see online and in stores. You don’t have to buy into the trends at all. You can do exactly what I did and shop your closet. I found a number of pieces that are similar and I will be showing you my spring trend outfits over the next few weeks.

What trend is your favorite? I’d love to hear you thoughts.

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Have a great day.